Thursday, April 24, 2008

I do tend to go off on rants quite often. I am a very liberal woman, with very liberal ideas. But, I do have to draw the line somewhere. One place I draw it is a lot of modern pop culture---the "High School Musical," Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brother shilling suits out there who are selling everything from pencils to clothes to our kids with this crap on them. And kids think they HAVE to have them!! OH MY GOD!!! I HAVE to see Miley Cyrus!!! Tickets are only $125!!!! Come on, Mom, Dad. I HAVE to go. EVERYBODY is going!

Well, my kids aren't going. My kids, thank whatever good sense all of us have together, have not fallen prey to all this hype. They have never had to have the latest fashions or the hottest new electronics or go to these ridiculous concerts. They have better sense, and taste than that. Just look at this picture....look at the lengths some morons will go to so that precious Pookie poo gets whatever she wants....well guess what Daddums.....the rest of the world will not be so kind. Some day Pookie will have to get a job and fend for herself. What will you have taught her? That the world will roll over and give her everything she wants. Welcome to the welfare state, Pookie.

Well, for all my pissing and moaning, I could never say all I want to quite as eloquently as Chez, so I will direct you here.....enjoy the venom and the truth....

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