Friday, August 28, 2009

WHEW!!!! Finished the EE yesterday, and it was a hell of a ride! thanks to all the insane Pajibans out there who made it both a challenge and a joy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!!

One month today!! Thanks, Mark, for making me happier than I have ever been, or ever thought I could be!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A quick note, since I am up to my eyeballs in comments....

You Pajibans are....a fucked up bunch.

To mis-quote some random guy overheard on the phone in Season 2 episode of Six Feet Under entitled "The Plan,"

I love you, you sick twisted fucks!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

That's right, bitches. It is ON!

The illustrious Figgy of Pajiba, melting majestically in Texas while on vacay from Honduras, has chosen yours truly to take on the duties of choosing Pajiba's "Eloquent Eloquence"-- or top 10 comments of the week, for the upcoming week.

As a Pajiba-nut (Pajibanatic, Pajibaloonie, Pajibamaniac, what have you) I am very excited and honored. I will freely admit that I spend a large portion of my free time on Pajiba. Most of my *cough* mass *ahem* of visitors to this blog are Pajibans, so they know what the competition is like, and how exciting it is to be chosen for the top 10, if not for the #1 position. I'm not sure how I am going to do it. There are so many damn funny people on Pajiba....Skitz, TK, PissBoy, Anna VB, Julie, Dr. C, admin, Kolby, Stacy, Sabrina, Genny/Rusty, PaddyDog, Lizzie...oh, crap, I could never name you all. I don't know how I am going to choose. I did post some items that could be used for bribery, so we'll see who ponies up.

Anyway, it's going to be an interesting week. This is doubly odd, since I still have to write my confessional about my lip balm/Chapstick addiction that so many of us Pajibaladies admitted to recently.

Pray for's gonna be a long, tough week.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here are the basic rules, people....these should be followed rigorously, no matter what:

1) If you are a little fluffy, DO NOT wear a dress that is NOT MADE for your body type and is TOO SHORT....I ain't wanting to see where Tribbles come from

2) Do NOT wear hooker heels to work...unless, of course, you're a hooker

3) Your co-workers/friends DO NOT need to hear about every issue you are having, either at home or at work, ad nauseum. You know why I used that phrase? Cause it makes us NAUSEOUS!

4) If you are over the age of 7, DO NOT wear pastels EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE! You have GOT to be nearing 50 and you look like a damned deranged Easter Egg!

5) STOP PACING IN BETWEEN THE CUBES!! We are freakin' trapped in here, with nothing but spotty internet usage and Ipods to try to maintain our sanity. Seeing you, especially YOU in your color-matched Garanimals, wander/pace by every 3 minutes is making us INSANE!!!

6) Please, god, use the Stitch Witchery. Hem your damn pants! I told you where to buy it, it has instructions for use....having 8 inches of pants swooshing under your shoes is not just annoying, it's dangerous!

7) Really, buy something that doesn't show the rolls off. I'm just saying.

8) Helmet head is OUT.

9) You keep walking full-tilt while staring at your shoes is gonna lead to an accident...maybe that's the reason for helmet head.

10) Irony....I do not think that word means what you think it means.

11) I don't care about your sissy dog, your new Ginormous HD TV, season tickets, concert trip or vacation to the tackiest place in America. You are a pretentious wanker.

12) You do not always deserve a cookie or a gold star just because you are trying to make ALL your co-workers look bad. Maybe they will bring you some "special" cookies, with "powdered sugar" on them. (anyone see "Flowers in the Attic"? Yeah, like that)

13) Oh, just shut the fuck up already!!

(sorry, workplace inspired stuff coming soon!!)
Ok, I SERIOUSLY have several fantastic things to add to this little ramble of mine, but DAMNED WORK keeps getting in the way!

So, until I can properly pen my tomes, I leave you with a link...

All Time Lords and Companions rejoice. I WILL have one of these for my birthday! I'm just sorry I didn't see them before the wedding, or my face would have been covered with blue frosting in that pic!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skins are evil......

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random thoughts:

*How on earth can it be that my youngest son is starting high school tomorrow?

*Will I get to see District 9 this weekend, or will I be so wrecked from Irish Fest (LOTTA VODKA!! LOTTA VODKA!!!) that I won't be able to?

*Why the hell haven't I heard more about Zombieland?

*How can I get a job just basically wasting my time on Pajiba or Facebook?

*How can I get a job basically doing nothing?

*Is anyone really reading this drivel?

back soon with something more....well, just something

Monday, August 10, 2009

Well, I did it. It's been just over 2 weeks, since I took the plunge. Yup, got married *sigh...again!* But, this one is IT! I can't believe how happy I am, how lucky I am, how full my soul and my heart if I have been missing some big chunk of both for years...Now I know I had been missing for at least 9 years, but fate was kind enough (and Mark patient enough) to allow them to come back to me.

It hasn't been a completely idyllic 2 weeks.....we've had several kid issues come up. No, no, not that any of them are unhappy, just general kid issues. When you combine 2 families of kids of varying ages, you are going to discover issues. Nothing we can't handle, together. And, of course, the ever-present issue in most households, both old and new today....$$$$. We are still on a shoestring budget. Neither of us is used to having much help in that area, so we need to sit down, figure out what bills we have vs. what we bring in. You know, regular married people stuff ... : )

I am a complete dork about all this. I have been fanatic about getting my name changed. Within little more than a week of our marriage, I had my new SS card, new drivers license, had changed insurance info at work, and was working on getting my bank accounts and work log-ins changed. Every time I do something around the house, that I may have done a thousand times before, I can't help but think about how it's for my FAMILY.

This is not to say I didn't have a family that I love before I got married. I told my children again and again that it was just us....even when I was with Him, it was still the kids and I, because He lived such a separate life. We stuck together, had to, but now it's just so much more. I am not sure how to explain.

By the way, I saw Him Thursday evening...I know He saw me, but neither of us acknowledged the other. I hope He is well. To quote Forrest, "that's all I have to say about that." Funny how something, no matter how long you may have been involved in it, can fade once you realize you had been forcing yourself, WILLING yourself to try to make it matter.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who were able to make it down on a rainy/sunny/rainy/, rainy, no beautiful but windy day. And, to those who were not able to make it, thanks for thinking of us. My HUSBAND Mark and I (Mrs. Mark Miller---hehehe!) are very happy and plan to be for a very long time to come.

Next up: other non-romantic, non-mushy, non-wedding related posts.....

ok, I may lapse into what my friend Betsy calls "cutebutgross" territory occasionally, but I will try to keep a lid on it.