Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So, I guess I should finally say something, hmm? All my Pajiba buds have these going on, so I am late to the game as usual. Well, here I am.

Lots going on lately. I have a 3 month old grandson, Jayden. He is a doll. His parents are airheads, in that adorable way that young 20-somethings who know absolutely everything are...grrrrrrrr. More on that later.

16 year old daughter is going to prom with her best (guy) friend -YAY! But, we are not big shoppers, so she is discovering that this is a bigger hassle than expected.

13 year old son is throwing discus and shot put. Few things are funnier than watching 7th graders try to throw discus and not hit cars, other kids, the school, etc.

Then, there's me. I am going to eat, HOPEFULLY Saturday this week (April 12) with Barack Obama. I promise to post a full report. And, believe me, I promise to get much, much more detailed in the future. Right now, I just wanted to post SOMETHING. I have had this thing forever and just never done anything with it. As Arnie says, I will be back.

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