Friday, April 11, 2008

Yup, it's me. You have probably seen my name sometime lately, at least in the last 2 weeks....I just did a search, and this is what I found on Yahoo.......1 - 10 of about 34,800 for bonnie locchetta

ME????? Over 34,000 things on Yahoo about ME?????? Well, that's what happens when you luck out and get to meet the person who may be the next leader of the USA. I donated a measly $25 to Barack Obama's campaign website, and lo and behold.....I get chosen to have dinner with him! Me, little miss nobody from nowhere.

I go to the hotel tonite. Originally, the campaign was gonna fly me somewhere and put me up in a hotel somewhere and I was soooo excited about the prospect of traveling, but now the other 4 people who also get this opportunity from across the country have to come to my backyard, so that is kind of cool. I have to show them that famous "Hoosier Hospitality." I will do my level best. We all get to go to a "Town Hall" meeting with him tomorrow at Ball State, then to our dinner, where we will have a chance to sit down and really talk to him. Is that the craziest thing you have ever heard? 5 regular joes sitting down and talking mano a mano to this guy who is trying to become President, telling him about our lives and concerns. I think it's pretty damn cool.

I will have a full report, hopefully complete with photos, next week.

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