Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ok, people.....I started off all nicey, nicey....but now I am gonna get on my soapbox. You will soon figure out, if you read this for very long, I am a soap-box standing kind of person. I need to go to Speaker's Corner in London, stand out there and yell about all the things that PISS ME OFF!!!

So, what am I on about today, you ask? What the hell is up with this girl getting beaten up in Florida? Apparently, a bunch of other girls, the evil breed referred to as CHEERLEADERS plotted to beat up another girl who DARED to say something about one of them on, like, oh my GAWD, her MySpace, while videotaping the whole thing on 5 cameras that were set up and 2 other handheld cameras? And, I guess there were kids keeping watch outside, and yet other kids at school knew it was going to happen?????

This poor girl walks in, completely unaware of the beat down that awaits her, and BOOM! They start it. They start punching, slapping, what have you. I have not seen the whole tape, but from what I have read, at one point they bounced her head off the wall so hard she blacked out. They let her lay on the sofa until she woke up and started in on her again! On the tape I have seen on the news, the girl being beaten doesn't even fight back. Now, granted, they said the portion being shown is after she came to, but one scene, there is a broom behind her. Those little wenches best be glad they didn't come after me or my redhead. We'd be busting some cheerleader skulls with that broom or anything else we could get our grubby little paws on.

Now this poor girl is in the hospital, with lost vision, lost hearing and a sense of fear that may never go away. Her attackers? They laughed when they were arrested. They joked they wouldn't be able to go to the beach over spring break and were concerned that they wouldn't be able to make it to cheerleading practice. No remorse, no shock, no shame, no sadness. They acted as if they were picked up for littering.

The injured girl's parents have been on TV, blaming YouTube and MySpace for posting violent videos. Their blustering attorney has been shouting about violent videos games, TV shows and movies. Here is where I start to get a little wound.......

First of all, as I said....if a bunch of pussy cheerleaders were to start beating on me for no reason, they'd be in for the surprise of their lives. I may be old, but I ain't dead, and I am taking some down wi' me. Second, I grew up watching violence. Ever seen Roadrunner cartoons? Damn coyote gets smashed, blown up, hit in the face, run over, stabbed, shot....did I leave anything out? My dad watched westerns....more violence. My brother-in-law, kung fu movies. I watch violent movies now, and so do my kids. Hell, my 13 year old son watched "The Departed" the other day. He plays video games, but knows better than to get or play anything like Grand Theft Auto. We watch all kinds of stuff on-line. If you REALLY want to see violence out there, it's out there. You can block websites, channels, whatever, all day long, but if a kid wants to see it, they will see it. At a friends house. At school. Late at night when you are asleep. That kid is gonna have to live in the real world eventually. Shouldn't you just teach them how to deal with this instead of protecting them from everything? If you try to protect you child from everything, you might as well keep them in a bubble. And, if you have seen that movie with Jake Gyllenhaal, you know how that turns out.....

I blame the other kids and their parents. In my opinion, they need to have their butts kicked. All of them, kids and parents. Did these parents not teach their kids anything? Respect? Common sense? Empathy? Pain tolerance? Do these kids not care about anything but their tans and hair and cheerleading? One more reason, in my opinion, cheerleaders should be run off cliffs like lemmings.

Now, if the sheriff will just give me 5 minutes with these kids and that broom.....

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