Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ok, in my last post, I alluded to a local town that I thought had been named for the Klan. That was the lore in my family. A friend of mine has corrected me. Thanks, Mr. Snopes. You know who you are!

I want to also direct anyone reading this to the new Rush County Players blog, "If it ain't yours, don't touch it!" This will talk about our shows and what is going on with RCP, both on and off stage. We want to keep people informed.

As for me, I am still getting random comments everywhere I go. I have now been asked to head up Obama's campaign in Rush County. Very cool, but WHEN!!!!. I feel like Ado Annie....you know...."I'm just a girl who cain't say NO!" I am involved in so much STUFF right now!!!! But, my first priorities (besides the kids and work) have got to be RCP and the Amphitheatre committee. As a matter of fact, we have a committee meeting tomorrow night. I HAVE to talk to the Pork Producers, I HAVE to get letters out for donations, HAVE to find out about sumo suits.......crap!!! Way too friggin' much to do.....but you what? shhhhh don't tell anybody.......I love this. I always wanted to be involved, and I never got asked to do anything. I am so happy to be involved in my hometown. Yes, I know it is a black hole, sucking the life out of everyone and everything around....but, damn it, I want to make it the best black hole I can!!!! God, I sound like a member of the NWA (no, not THEM--- the Neighborhood Watch Association in "Hot Fuzz"!!!!)

I don't think there are any gypsies in my basement.....

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