Friday, February 06, 2009

Got quite a shock yesterday. Brittany, my 21 year old daughter, was taken in for an emergency C-section, to deliver her baby (Xavier Allen) 6 weeks early. His heart rate was low due to her placenta failing, probably due to a car accident she had about a month ago.

He was taken to Riley last nite via helicopter, and is being treated for Hyland's membrane disease (?) which means the air sacs in his lungs have not yet fully developed. It is completely normal in preemies, and completely treatable.

Will keep you all updated. Please spread the word.


Mr. Controversy said...

Best of luck!

Ralphie said...

Not to worry. My son was 9 weeks early, and is about to celebrate his 22nd birthday. Trust the hospital and the doctors, they know what they are doing, and they don't watch Gray's Anatomy!

All our prayers are with you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts your way. Hope everyone turns out well.

replica said...

Best wishes Janet - I wanted to write a quick message of hope too - I just had dinner last night with my best friend whose baby was born premature by 6 weeks, and she also had to endure her baby living on the preemie ward. She said it was hell, and as a momma I know it is. Her baby is now just the biggest healthiest blubs you ever saw at six months old. Six weeks isn't too early for hope by any means these days, it may just feel like an eternity.

Take care, and stay strong for your daughter as best you can.

Anonymous said...

All the best to the whole family!! Hang in there!

It's called hyaline membrane disease, aka IRDS, by the way.

Thinking of you!

TK said...

Best wishes from all of us, dj.