Monday, May 24, 2010

If you haven't watched the finale of LOST, DO NOT READ (yet!)
So.....that was......wait, what? I mean, I get it...but I don't get it. So many questions left unanswered, so many characters left hanging.
There were moments when it felt like this was all going to come to a fantastic end. Jack and Smocke battling over the Island, after Desmond pulled the hell-cork, including a fantastic shot of Jack leaping from above Smocke, in full fist-flying ass-kicking pose. Then, Smocke stabbed him in the side, just like......somebody. Lapidus floating on some debris from the sub, and saving a few of the Losties by kicking the plane into action. Miles finding Richard's first gray hair. Sawyer whacking Ben in the face, and just being the awesome that he is. Kate ... being pretty annoying until she wasted Smocke. Claire being...messed up. Hurley being his adorable Hurleyness.
And in the alternate time-line, some really beautiful moments of connection and memory. The one that really got me sobbing was Sawyer and Juliet. Some of the others felt very contrived, but this one was beautifully done.
Where were all the alternate-Islanders going? To the concert? That's what we were led to believe, but a Christian Shephard's funeral (and how much did anyone else love that Alterna-Kate thought that name was HILARIOUS??) where Christian was some sort of weird spiritual guide telling Jack they were all dead!!! WTF??????
No explaining Dharma? No explaining what the heck made Walt so special in the beginning? No explanation as to who took over after Hurley & Ben's reign? Several of the couples had children in one time line or the other....where were they? Just, "They were LOST souls?" WHAT????
I'm very ambivalent about the whole thing. It's always been spotty...a confusing ride that led mr. dammit to say that the name of the show is all you need to know...because if you watch it, you're gonna be lost (he gave up on it some time ago). But, really, I was hoping for more than this. Someone on Pajiba said it reminded them of the final episode of Quantum Leap. I agree, to a point. That final episode made me FURIOUS...this one just confused the crap out of me.
I'm gonna miss my LOST fix, that's for sure. At it's best, it was a well-written show that BEGGED for the viewer to THINK and pay attention, not just sit blankly in front of the TV. At it's worst, it became too full of it's own mystery and mythology. The finale, in my opinion, leaned too much toward the latter.
At least Vincent was ok....except that he wasn't in the church. I think that's because this whole thing took place in his little doggy head.
Tonite is the finale of 24, so let's see how much that honks me off!!

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