Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ok, so haven't posted anything of real value lately, and this won't be either. But, what the hell? It's 8:30 AM on a Wednesday and I'm already bored. So, I might as well bore you all too!!!

Work is going ok....officially hit my 6 months mark with the State on Monday, so I am now a full-fledged employee of the great State of Indiana. WOO-HOO!!!

Home is great......still going through a lot of adjustments, but it's wonderful. I am not used to having anyone be so kind and attentive and caring. I am not used to falling asleep in someone's arms every night, and waking up that way lots of mornings, too. I have never been happier in my life.

Wedding planning progresses......who knew there was so much to figure out? Have I forgotten all that, or did I just not do it before, or what??? We want it to be very casual...come as you are, wear shorts, or jeans, or whatever. Got my cake topper (WOO!) and next week I'm ordering the flowers. Also next week, probably going to have a meeting with my chief "planners," Amanda, Lisa & Janet, to decide on some things. Mark has made it pretty clear that he just wants to show up!! And, that's ok....I guess all this planning is really more of a girl thing. The only thing that REALLY matters is, at the end of the day on July 25, I will be Mrs. Mark and forever. And, ABOUT DAMNED TIME!!! (that part is TOTALLY my fault!)

Anybody know of any half-decent used cars for sale, cheap?? Trying to find something for Amanda. Good God, she and Jeremy are both SENIORS!!!! WTF???

And, the big news this week is that my daughter, Myrtle the Fertile Turtle (Brittany) is apparently pregnant.....again. I'm not really happy, but what can I do? She's a married woman now. Oy! 3 kids under 3. Have fun with that.

Yeah, so I'm just rambling.........

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