Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Joys of Working for the State

Ok, so, I got a pretty good job last winter working for the State. I'd been out of a job for several months, and REALLY needed one! A friend of mine worked for a certain department in State Government and they had an opening, so he recommended me. I applied, and was lucky enough to get the position. It's been a good gig....made some new friends, learned some useless new skills, have awesome benefits, the hours aren't bad (although I drive an hour each way now...used to be just a few blocks from work!)

So, its all good, right? Yeah, well, know all State employees are turning blue from holding our breath. The Legislature of our fine state.....headed by a Speaker of the House who appears to be wearing a dead muskat on his head....could not set a budget for the next fiscal year during their regular session. So, they get called back for a Special Session to finalize one. Today is the end of the fiscal year....it is 1:30 PM and still no budget. If one is not signed into law by midnight, State Government shuts down.

Let's recap, shall we? The elected officials of our state....those we voted in to make decisions for us....could not accomplish their JOB during the time appointed to do so. So, they get OVERTIME to come back and not do their job AGAIN. All the while, we are paying them, paying for their gas, lodging, haircuts, food, etc. These people have other jobs outside the Legislature. That is NOT their sole support. So, they are raking in the dough and having a dick-measuring contest....while we are all in limbo.

Hmmm, if I don't do my job in the appointed time...I GET FIRED!! I don't get to come back and have another shot at it and the chance to make even more!!! WTF??? My job is my ONLY source of income. If I can't come to work tomorrow, I don't get paid! I won't even get paid for my 4th of July holiday!

On the up side, I have spent a lot more time on Pajiba today.....I mean, if they can screw off on taxpayer dollars, why can't I?

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