Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I have laughed, I have cried, I have hugged my children, who also laughed and cried. I took them with me canvassing and they voted in mock elections at school. My 8th grade son has argued so much in favor of Obama at school, he even had to give a speech in favor of him for his English class. I cannot believe I was lucky enough to meet our President-Elect. I am so proud of so many in our country. It is time we grew up...and I think we just did.

I do have to say how disappointed I was with the reaction of the crowd at the McCain rally when he conceded...the boos each time he said Barack's name. If you looked at the makeup of those crowds, it told you alot. Angry whites vs. everyone else. It was a beautiful crowd in Chicago, and at each Obama rally.

I am so proud to have helped turn Indiana blue for the first time since 1964. I am so proud to be an American today, and I feel like, for the first time, I have helped to accomplish something incredibly important on an international scale.

It will not be easy.....but together.......


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RainbowDemon1952 said...

What can I say, Bon? Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I would have lived to see this day. I am happy, I am humbled, and I am damned proud.

Have I gloated today? No, I've been on the receiving end of that gloating too many times. Have I bragged today? No, I haven't. The key word in the first paragraph is that I am humbled.

Barack Obama is the real deal, he's the path to healing and the way towards our nation's healing. So many people tend to be, shall we say, "party blind", to coin a phrase I've read recently on the net, and they never have a clue that someone of the opposing party can be a caring and genuine individual that has truly great ideas that can turn our country around.

Truly, November 4, 2008, was a step ahead for our nation and a chance to kick the mud off our boots as we trudge onward thru the muck that has been left behind for someone else to clean up. People are going to expect overnight results, and granted, that would be a great thing to behold, let's face reality. It took eight years of mismanagement to get us in the gawdawful shape we are in, and it's going to take a lot longer than three months to garner results.

Let's hope this same American public that gave Barack a chance will give him the time to get the job done.

God bless Barack Obama and God bless the United States of America.