Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ahh, man, why did I have to come back? First time just the kids and I went on vacation alone. Amanda, Steven and Steven's near-twin Wade and I drove up to the Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan (unbelievably beautiful for Indiana) and rode the South Shore Line train over into Chicago. Fan-freakin-tastic. Would have only been better if we could have done it when they were shooting "The Dark Knight" or just a couple of months ago when Michael Mann's "Public Enemy" with Johnny Depp was shooting up that way.

Anyway, gorgeous weather (aside from the storm the first morning), nice folks (aside from the girls we sic'ed the gulls on), awesome things to see......altogether a great trip. I will be writing more about it, but here is a trio of pix for you.......

Amanda paid very close attention when we went to see "The Dark Knight. " When Batman (Christian Bale--really, it WAS him, not a stunt guy) was standing on top of the Sears Tower, he was standing above this corner of the observation level. So, we wanted to get a picture of what
approximated his view of Chicago. That, and the fact that "OMG!!! CHRISTIAN BALE WAS IN HERE!!!!"

We had never been to the Indiana Dunes.
If you are from Indiana, or know much
about Indiana, you will know it is one of
the most boring places you can be. That
being said, we were more than pleasantly
surprised by the Dunes National Lakeshore
on the southern shore of Lake Michigan.
The water was cool, but fairly clean, the
beach was warm and clean, and it sure
didn't seem like Indiana.

One of my fave pix......taken from Navy Pier following a fantabulous fireworks display.

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